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Turning Dust to Gold
Building a Future on the Moon and Mars

is the recipient of the
2012 Engineering Sciences Book Award of the International Academy of Astronautics.


Haym Benaroya
Professor Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
Rutgers University
98 Brett Road
Piscataway, New Jersey 08854-8058
Phone:  (848) 445-4408

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The John Batchelor Show: Building habitats on the Moon: 1 of 2:
Engineering Approaches to Lunar Settlements by Haym Benaroya

The John Batchelor Show: Building habitats on the Moon: 2 of 2:
Engineering Approaches to Lunar Settlements by Haym Benaroya

The John Batchelor Show with Haym Benaroya, May 14-15, 2018

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The Space Show
Aired on Tuesday 3/20/18
Dr. David Livingston
GUEST: Dr. Haym Benaroya
Broadcast 3085 "Building Habitats On The Moon: Engineering Approaches to Luna Settlements"

Live with John Batchelor
WABC Radio, Wednesday, 2/21/18
GUESTS: Dr. David Livingston, Dr. Haym Benaroya
Broadcast 3068 Hotel Mars with Dr. Haym Benaroya

The Space Show
Dr. David Livingston
Airs on October 20, 2017 12:30pm

Live with John Batchelor
WABC Radio, Wednesday, 12/21/16 9:30 pm
GUESTS: Dr. David Livingston, Dr. Haym Benaroya
Broadcast 2834 Hotel Mars

The Space Show
Dr. David Livingston.
Aired on March 20, 2016

Live with John Batchelor
WABC Radio, Wednesday, 1/27/16 9:30pm
GUESTS: Dr. David Livingston, TheSpaceShow.com; Dr Haym Benaroya, Rutgers.

(Photo: Roscosmos illustration of a Mars colony base.)
Mars Colony with 3-D Printing, Booster Recovery and Drone Tech: 1/27/16: Haym Benaroya, author, “Turning Dust Into Gold: Building a Future on the Moon and Mars.” David Livingston, SpaceShow.com.

Press Release

National Space Society
Reviewed by: David Brandt-Erichsen

"Haym Benaroya, a professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering at Rutgers University, has been a leading proponent of lunar bases and settlements and is also editor of the collected papers from the 2007 Rutgers Symposium, Lunar Settlements. Published just two months after Lunar Settlements, Benaroya's book Turning Dust to Gold: Building a Future on the Moon and Mars is also mostly about the Moon. Although Mars gets just one chapter and not much detail, the future lunar economy is discussed in the context of a wider space economy that includes Mars." ...more

National Space Society
Reviewed by: Steve Adamczyk

"Human beings will return to the Moon. We don't know when it will happen, but with this book, Lunar Settlements, we can learn from experts how to build the habitats, manufacturing operations, power, and transportation systems needed to live there. The book is a compilation of papers from the 2007 Rutgers University Symposium on Lunar Settlements, edited by Haym Benaroya, professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering at Rutgers University. The included proposals are written by highly credentialed engineers, astronauts, and scientists from around the world." ...more

Live with John Batchelor
WABC Radio, Wednesday, 7/20/11 9pm

GUESTS: Co-host Gordon Chang, Forbes.com; Rick Fisher, International Strategy and Assessment Center; Sadanand Dhume, AEI; Dr. David Livingston, TheSpaceShow.com; Haym Benaroya, Rutgers. Download this show. Excerpt:

Wednesday 935P Eastern Time (635P Pacific Time):

Hotel Mars. David Livingston, TheSpaceShow.com, and Haym Benaroya, Rutgers,

Turning Dust to Gold, in re: building a future on the moon and Mars. Moon is three days away, we can get back in an emergency, and we have a lot off learning to do to prepare for farther travel. The moon is a marvellous training ground for deep space. Space elevator can bring transport cost down to $100/lb! Mon living quarters will be surface; igloos or tin-can shape; half-dozen people for 6 mos at a time. Might take years to carry prefab housing. Can later transport these to Mars. Subterranean is a practical solution to protect from radiation and other problems. Might need human gene therapy over time. A whole generation born on the moon: unknown results in microgravity or 1/6 gravity. Uncharted world.

The Space Show aired on August 1st, 2011 interview with Dr. David Livingston.

The John Batchelor Show, Aug 8, 2011, 9pm




Turning Dust To Gold

By Haym Benaroya

The goal of this book is to demonstrate that expanding our civilization to the Moon and beyond is not beyond our reach, intellectually or financially. Apollo was not our last foray into the Solar System. Science fiction, as good as some of it is, will have a difficult time staying ahead of science and engineering fact. However, this book is intended to be more than purely a technical manual. Space is not, nor should it be, only of interest to aerospace engineers and cosmologists. Space needs to be of interest and of concern to all of us. It is the world’s West, as in Go West for new opportunities for freedom and limitless growth. What I hope to demonstrate to you is that not only can we go back to the Moon to stay, but that we must do so. And not only for esoteric reasons, but for many reasons, some mundane, but most related to our and our children’s continued prosperity, and to our continued survival as a species.

Space, whether we or our children live in it or on the Moon or Mars, will be important to all of us because of the resources it will open for our industrial societies and for the markets it will create. It would be difficult to imagine the United States as a world power if its western border was the Mississippi River. Would a North American continent of several dozen independent states modeled after Western Europe have been able to resist the totalitarian attacks that occurred in the 20th century? Alone, neither Europe nor Asia was capable.

The expansion of the best Earth has to offer in science and culture to the Moon, then Mars, and eventually the Solar System, can only strengthen humanity’s core positive achievements: democracy, individual rights, equal opportunities for an individual’s achievements, and all that is inherent and is based on these being in place.

This book is written from the perspective of a future observer, more than 150 years into the future, and some of the narratives based on a fictitious group of documents discovered in an old repository that chronicled the settlement of the Moon during the last half of the 21st century and first half of the 22nd century. In order to make the documents more connected and interesting to the casual reader, they have been weaved into a chronological storyline meant to trace the early days of the human return to the Moon with the aim of permanent settlement.

The interviews in this book are real and original.

Benaroya has spoken at the Liberty Science Center, various Space conferences, NASA venues and other public gatherings about his book. Viewers are welcomed to peruse the abstract from his Lunar Symposium

Latest Books:

Mechanical Vibration: Analysis, Uncertainties, and Control, Fourth Edition (Mechanical Engineering) 4th Edition

Building Habitats on the Moon: Engineering Approaches to Lunar Settlements (Springer Praxis Books)

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